Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’S)


QUESTION: How far in advance should I book my session?

ANSWER: Your photoshoot needs to be booked at least 6 to 8 weeks before the date you need your album order in hand. I even recommend 16 weeks ahead if you’re considering a payment plan.

QUESTION: The women on your website look like models. I don’t know if I can look like that.

ANSWER: The women on my website are everyday women that started exactly where you are. Never done this before and scared to death. But don’t worry you will look amazing as well. I’ve guided all shapes and sizes through this amazing photoshoot and I’m confident that I can do the same for you. All you have to do is book the session and let me hold your hand.

QUESTION: What do I need to bring?

ANSWER: You really don’t need to bring much because I’ve got the majority covered. However, you’ll need a few outfits. I like to keep things very simple. I want you to bring outfits that you love. Once your session is booked I’ll send you a guide to help you in choosing your outfits.

QUESTION: Is hair and makeup included?

ANSWER: All sessions include Hair and Makeup application. It will also include 4 outfit changes, posing guidance from YOURS TRULY and a whole lot of FUN!

QUESTION: How much does it cost?

ANSWER: Your session is a separate fee from your album order. The reason for this is I want you to purchase the images that you love. While I’m pretty confident that you will love them all, I want you to choose your favorites. So step one is the session fee of $300. This reserves your date and includes everything in the previous question. The next step is to purchase your album order. When you return to see your images this is when you will pay for your order. I will walk you step by step in choosing the perfect album. On average ladies spend about $2500 on their order. Full detailed pricing is sent to you when you contact me.

QUESTION: How long will my session last?

ANSWER: Four Hours! This may seem long but believe me time will fly by. “ YES! you’ll be having that much fun”

QUESTION: Do you edit out stretch marks, cellulite etc.?

ANSWER: YES I DO! When you come back in to see your images and select your favorites they’ve already been polished (edited). Meaning I’ve already smoothed skin, removed stretch marks, cellulite and temporary blemishes. If this is something you DON’T like, No Problem! Just let me know before your session is complete and I will not edit those things. PLEASE NOTE: I will not make you look like someone else. The purpose of this session is so that you can see the BADASS you truly are.

QUESTION: Do I have to be photographed NUDE?

ANSWER: NO, NO you do not. While most ladies know the implied and tasteful nudes are one of my favorite parts of your session. My number one goal is to make sure you’re comfortable. It’s totally fine for you to say no to the implied nude part of the photoshoot and still have DROP DEAD GORGEOUS IMAGES!

QUESTION: I need my images to remain PRIVATE. Will my images be on your website?

ANSWER: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I repeat ABSOLUTELY NOT! - The ladies that you see me post online have given me written permission to show off their images. I will never post anything without your consent.

QUESTION: Do you photograph couples?

ANSWER: While I love to see beautiful couples in pictures. It’s just not my jam. Over the years I have decided that I like to keep the focus on making ladies only feel amazing and beautiful.

QUESTION: Can I bring my friend with me?

ANSWER: Simply Put! Yes you can. I allow one friend to come and hang with you during your session as long as you’re comfortable with it.

QUESTION: Where are you located?

ANSWER: In the Deep Ellum area of Dallas, Tx. This is where all of the photoshoots take place.

QUESTION: What days do you photograph on?

ANSWER: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

QUESTION: How do I get ready for my photoshoot?

ANSWER: Start by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Then I will take you from there and send you all of the information you need going forward.